Brendan Twist

Review by Brendan Twist So in 2011 the indie music community got really excited about black metal. There were think pieces, and much-ballyhooed buzz bands, and the inevitable hey-we-were-here-first backlash from the tr00 kvlt fans. It was fun, for a while, to see this potent subgenre, long relegated to the margins of musical discussion, getting so much ink. But hipsters,...
Of Montreal @ The Howlin' Wolf NOLA - 3/10/12 || Photo by Joshua BrastedReview by Brendan Twist || Photos by Joshua Brasted Hipsters packed The Howlin’ Wolf on Saturday night to see Of Montreal, the prolific, Georgia-based indie rock group of songwriter and provocateur Kevin Barnes. They didn’t appear to mind that Pitchfork had crapped on the band’s latest album,...

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