You knew that Saturday Night Live just had to try and follow up their hugely successful Chronicles of Narnia Rap short that recently flooded the internet…

On Saturday night, they gave the public what they were looking for: Young Chuck Norris. I’m still leaning towards enjoying the rap stylings of Chris Parnell a little bit more than the butt-metal farce here, but it’s still funny…

I’ve always loved Saturday Night Live, especially in the Mike Myers days when I was growing up, so it just hurts me to rock my TiVo fast-forward button once I give the skit about three seconds to catch my attention. This one grabs it right away…

Read on for the video and full lyrics, and check back here for the Chronicles of Narnia Rap video and lyrics. Come on, SNL. Keep ’em coming…

Sing along with the lyrics below…

Legend has it he walks among us even now
A dreamer alone in a world between dreams and reality
Was he always a fighter, was he always a hero
What do we make of the young Chuck Norris

Norris used his hands and his feet
And he kicked and he punched with his hands and his feet
And he kicked and he punched with mr. Bruce Lee
On master of kara-ta-ta-tee
And he kicks and he spins some more
Back to Vietnam to settle the score
Don’t forget Walker, Texas Ranger
When he kicked and he punched his way from danger

But hey let’s turn back time to younger days
Before all of the fame and mind games
His deeds were no less strengthened
A man among other men
The legend of young Chuck Norris yeah

Young Norris used his hands and his feet
And he kicked and he punched with his hands and his feet
He also ran and he jumped in the air
He was younger so he didn’t even care
Way before his Hollywood fame
He slapped and punched and he saw the famed name and he was known as Master Chuck
His last name was Norris and his first name was Chuck

Round house kick (Chuck Norris)
Death hold grip (Chuck Norris)
Mustache lip (Chuck Norris)
Tender kiss (Chuck Norris)

Fathers let your daughters know
Dreams may come and dreams may go
But a man like Norris never dies
He lives forever in the children’s eyes

Young Chuck Norris this is my tribute to thee
Live on great warrior into eternity

(lyrics via KY Democrat)