WATCH: Yeasayer under “Glass of the Microscope” in Trippy Laboratory

Say what you will about the band’s most polarizing output to date (2012’s Fragrant World LP), but Yeasayer continues pushing against pre-conceived sonic and visual boundaries with each new track and accompanying music video. Today, the band unveiled a new video featuring the last track on Fragrant World called “Glass of the Microscope,” an apocalyptic tune replete with hi-tech synths and deliriously languorous melodies. Check out Ira, Chris and Anand donning their white lab coats in the video below the brief description.


In addition to the Naturalis tower, the band filmed in molecular biologist Hans Tanke’s lab at Leiden University, one of the oldest research universities in Europe and the place where the 17th-century Dutch microbiologist Antoine van Leeuwenhoek developed an early prototype of the electron microscope.

Here’s the video: