In the spirit of Halloween we’d like to share a new video from one of the breakout successes of the year and recently at the recent CMJ Music Marathon. Chicago, IL’s The Orwells released a video earlier this month appropriately titled “Halloween All Year” and you can watch it below. The midwestern youngsters are making waves on college radio and XMU, the blogosphere, and played a number of festival slots during a summer run before school got back in session. Yes, with the exception of the band’s lead singer, these kids still have one more year to knock out before becoming full-time rock stars. You can pick up their debut LP Remember When (Autumn Tone Records) here.

The Orwells - "Halloween All Year" (Official Music Video)

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Via Spinner

Highlight: “‘Halloween All Year’ is our anthem for all the kids in the Midwest who are too old to trick or treat, but still try their hardest to believe something’s in the closet or someone’s hanging in the basement,” guitarist Baby Chuck tells Spinner. “The kids who are coming of age, but trying their hardest to maintain faith in the unknown and unseen. The kids who are refusing to let go of their disintegrating innocence — something that’s dying faster than the slut cheerleader in a Wes Craven film.”