TIm and EricIf you are privy to the twisted minds of cult comedy heroes Tim Heidecker and Eric Wareheim (Tim and Eric Awesome Show, Great Job), then you probably have a decent idea of the weirdness that is about to ensue once you hit the play button below. While Beach House and Tim & Eric are seemingly odd bedfellows, this video had us laughing straight away.

Eric Wareheim’s video for Beach House’s “Wishes,” off of the band’s latest LP Bloom stars Ray Wise, who you may recognize as Leland Palmer from Twin Peaks (or from his roles in Mad Men and Tim & Eric’s Billion Dollar Movie). Wise leads the way, singing Legrand’s dreamy and sultry vocals as the half-time entertainment at a bizarro sporting event in a high school stadium. Wise’s deadpan focus as singer with the intensely mesmerizing music and rampant randomness featured in the video all kinda just works out somehow.

Who knew something so unquestionably weird and bizarre could also be kind of moving? The human imagination is a powerful and strange tool. See below.

BEACH HOUSE - "WISHES" - Directed by ERIC WAREHEIM (Official Video) - PLEASE SET TO 1080p!!!