WATCH: Skrillex (w/ Ragga Twins) – “Ragga Bomb”

It’s a bleak, dystopian future–refugees are part soldier & part scavengers. With washed out tones and broad, sweeping shots, this video is strikingly aesthetic. The gritty, churning nature of this song is echoed by the conflict between the militias in this futuristic wasteland, a conflict which is eventually solved with a light saber duel (of course).

Though the setting appears to be the slums of a bombed out urbanscape, there is something decidedly tribal about the feel of this video. We also love the dancers with the glowing mouths and eyes and skirt-type-things. They’re the best. Skrillex never disappoints us when it comes to music videos (If you haven’t watched this video for “First of the Year” do it right meow.) We can’t wait to see which massive track off Recess gets a video reincarnation next. But for now, back-to-back weekends in the desert at Coachella will have to do somehow.