WATCH: Pharrell Performs “Get Lucky” Live for the First, Second and Third Time

Apparently Pharrell is as hopelessly addicted to this song as we are. Needless to say, Pharrell was pumped to perform the new Daft Punk track, “Get Lucky,” live for the first time at a HTC One launch party in Brooklyn on Friday night. Pumped enough to repeat the song three times in a row (definitely not unprecedented by any stretch), saying “Man these guys that made this record, they’re like so far beyond their time. I’m honored to know those guys, those robots…We just had a lot of incredible history together. So when they called me over the summer, I just remembered thinking one thing…Try to get lucky, right?”

Speaking of repeats, this is like our 1,000th post about “Get Lucky”. I think the robots have taken control over our brains. More on that later…See the clip below.