You’ve hereby been warned that anytime this year we see the words “” and “” in the same sentence, it’s probably going to be something I hop on the site to write about. Perhaps my favorite artists to emerge from my “post-jam” phase of musical discovery has been the Animal Collective crew, including the magnificent solo efforts by , so when I saw that he’d be joining the ranks of fantastic collaborators on the newest album I was pretty smitten about the whole affair. Even ’s less-than-stellar outputs have always been interesting to me musically, and I can’t wait to see what flavors he adds to the sound. Here him talk about the process a bit in the latest video by the Creators Project which keeps releasing new videos leading up to the album release.

| Random Access Memories | The Collaborators:

“It’s wanting to remember something that was really good that’s old that’s kinda been forgotten…”

Think you’ve heard everything by ? Check out this video by Atiba Jefferson where contributed a track that’s never been released…