Watch Grateful Dead “Playing in the Band > Terrapin Station” Live @ Hampton VA 3/24/87 [old video]

This video might already be something you’ve seen circulating from time to time, but given that today is March 24th, it’s a good day to throwback to one of the best-ever “Terrapin Station” versions from the Grateful Dead at Hampton, Virginia back in 1987.

There’s just something so magical about the crowd roars in this clip, and how you can immediately see it bring life to Jerry and Bob. Suddenly everyone is a bit more awake and engaged, and suddenly “Terrapin Station” starts to become the rock epic that you’d always expect to hear out of such an ending.

Stay on for the full 20 minutes as “Playing in the Band” sets the stage nicely for the epic to follow, but feel free to skip ahead to minute 18 if you want to see Jerry and Bobby playing with each other a bit.