WATCH: Diplo & GTA – “Boy Oh Boy”

This is your brain on Diplo!

The official music video for the banger Diplo & GTA collab “Boy Oh Boy,” was released yesterday via VICE channel Noisey. This song was blasted all around the world by Major Lazer and has been a key transition track in many DJ’s arsenal over the last year. Seems fitting that Mad Decent should decide to take one of their biggest tracks of the year and make an absolutely bonkers nonsense video to go with it.

The video is a bad acid-trip of Tim and Eric style ’80s informercial psychadelic with supposedly real Vine videos. There s a bit of twerking, some highlights of clipper games, a DJing dog and of course, cats. Lots of cats. My real question, however, is what happened to the Missy Elliot!? “Boy Oh Boy” famously featured a huge breakdown from 128 BPM house to 110 BPM Moombahton using a sample from Missy Elliot’s famous “Work it.” The sample is so prominent that when I first heard it I figured it was definitely a Mad Decent X Missy collab. The track in the video is missing that Missy and I’m sorry to say that the song suffers greatly from its absence. Make up with Missy, Diplo!