WATCH: Astronaut Chris Hadfield Performs “Space Oddity” in Outer Space

Canadian astronaut Commander Chris Hadfield is the biggest superstar astronaut of the Internet era, thanks to his tweets, photos and videos of the Earth from space over the past five months he’s spent on the International Space Station.

Before his return to Earth on Monday, the space man had one final remarkable encore in store for his fans down here on Earth: a cover version of David Bowie’s “Space Oddity” that got the attention of The Thin White Duke himself. The video has already racked up nearly 2 million views and you can watch it at the bottom of this post.

The rendition is a slightly modified rendition of the famous tune from ’69 and is believed to be the first music video filmed in space.

What an encore. Hadfield is slated to return to Earth tonight after handing over command of the ISS on Sunday.