Jazz Fest 2014 wrapped up yesterday in New Orleans and Arcade Fire was one of the main headliners to help close out the multi-weekend affair. The band opened with “Here Comes the Night Time” from Reflecktor and delivered a set with songs mixed pretty equally across their previous albums, Funeral, Neon Bible, and The Suburbs.

NOLA.com has a great writeup from the show:

Just a few minutes shy of the official end time of Arcade Fire’s New Orleans Jazz Fest set, front man Win Butler introduced the anthem “Wake Up”: “This is our last song. They’re kicking us off.” True to contractual obligations, the band exited the Acura Stage at 5:14 … by leading the Pinettes Brass Band on a second-line through the crowd.

Here’s a look at that second line courtesy of cateroot on Instagram:

Take me back!

Arcade Fire @ Jazz Fest 2014 Setlist:
1. Here Comes the Night Time
2. Power Out
3. Rebellion (Lies)
4. The Suburbs
5. Ready to Start
6. Neighborhood No. 1 (Tunnels)
7. We Exist
8. Intervention
9. Antichrist Television Blues
10. No Cars Go
11. Haiti
13. Sprawl II (Mountains Beyond Mountains)
14. Reflektor
15. Normal Person
16. Wake Up