The extraordinary helped kick off a series of stacked spring rambles at last night and clips are already starting to surface thanks to Anders’ right-hand man Chris “Shaggy” Davis and his always reliable video work from up-front. Osborne’s affinity for the Grateful Dead is no secret as the NOLA-based guitarist includes a cover tune or two in almost every show he plays (“Sugaree”, “Dark Star” and more recently, “Friend of the Devil” have been his favorite selections). Here’s one of our favorite Anders’ tunes “Burning On The Inside” – an always exploratory jam vehicle and a fitting tune for Lesh and Osborne to riff on. You can hear what sounds like the opening notes of a segue to “Goin’ Down The Road Feelin’ Bad” as the video cuts out so here’s hoping there will be more footage from this special one-off collaboration. See the video and setlist below.


Spring Rambles

San Rafael, CA

Luther Dickinson

Grahame Lesh
Tony Leone
Jason Crosby

Set 1:
Alabama Getaway (TL)
Dire Wolf (GL)

Ramble On Rose (TL)
Hear the Hills (LD) >
Tomorrow Never Knows Jam >
Burning on the Inside (AO) >
extended jam >
Goin’ Down the Road Feelin’ Bad

Set 2:

Cumberland Blues
Joliet Bound->
Other One->
I Know You Rider
Donor Rap

E: Knockin On Heaven’s Door

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