This year’s South-By-Southwest appears to have been more jam-packed with big ticket collaborations and ginormous mainstream acts than ever. At Friday night’s annual Fader Fort event, 90’s post-punk stalwarts brought out none other than midway through “Climax” followed by ’ “Somethin’ Hot.” Easily one of the more surprising and random pairings in the history of , is the glory of an event like . Check out the clip below ( at 16:00).


How did the week’s most talked-about surprise pairing come about? Courtesy of Sara Newkirk, former head of management at Fader’s sister agency Cornerstone and now a principal in William Morris Endeavor’s department. “We worked with Sara to out the the biggest, most surprising ‘first’ The Fader could bring again to , and came up with Usher,” Cohn told Backbeat after the show. “He wanted to pair with an incredibly talented backing band — are one of my favorite bands, and everyone from our team, to booking, to [Cornerstone co-founders] Rob [Stone] and Jon [Cohen] thought they’d be perfect. Their music is influenced by , and it was a perfect pairing. Usher was totally into it, and it was one of the most epic pairings and surprises at the Fort to date.”

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