Not that this is a huge surprise by now, but it’s worth rehashing more than a few times that the webcasts that YouTube put on from Bonnaroo were top notch this year. So many good band choices were happening all weekend and it really just culminated into a rager of a Sunday night Couch Tour party…all for free and in pristine surround sound audio while I hung with my crew. Thanks, technology!

At any rate, Phish brought their three and a half hours of entertainment to my living room and thanks to the official Bonnaroo channel, we get to relive a few key moments from the set in pristine pro-shot HD glory. While I agree with most of the sentiment that the set was a “greatest hits” in a way, this is exactly how EVERY SINGLE BAND thinks about approaching a music festival slot. You’ve got a limited time and an ADD-wracked audience…. and Phish did what they could to deliver “the” experience you’d expect from seeing them live. This three-song punch of “Possum,” “Wilson,” and “Tweezer” is quintissential Phish in every way you’d hope for…

Phish @ Bonnaroo 2012 – “Possum / Wilson / Tweezer”

The way Fishman rolls off the drums to ease into the jam in “Tweezer” is the stuff dreams are made of. Also what unicorns and rainbows are made of…. that, too.

Here’s the other official videos that made the archive:

Phish @ Bonnaroo 2012 – “Harry Hood > Light”

Phish @ Bonnaroo 2012 – “Show of Life / Julius / Tweezer Reprise”

Don’t sleep on watching these while they’re up. There’s some good stuff in there…