Photo by Sarah Zanoff

Boy, you better learn to express yourself

Pantages Theatre – Hollywood, CA
June 22, 2011

Set List: Victory Dance, Circuital, Day Is Coming, Wordless Chorus, Off The Record, Touch Me pt 2, First Light, You Wanna Freak Out, The Bear^, Wonderful (The Way I Feel), Outta My System, Lay , I’m Amazed, Slow Slow Tune, Movin’ Away, Carried Away, Gideon, Holding on to Black Metal (featuring The Watson Twins +1 Choir), Anytime, ,
Encore Banter – Yim Defends LA Crowds – >
Steam Engine, Smokin from Shootin’, End of Run Thru, Mahgeetah

^Last Time Played 10/18/10 @ Terminal 5 Tennessee Fire show.

Show Notes: opened. All songs on Circuital performed. 5/6 of MMJ albums represented in (No songs from At Dawn). Extended jam for and one of the best versions of Steam Engine ever(?).

Yim Quote of the Night: “Precise, mathematical calculations have been been made to bring you pleasure.”

Continue on for a smattering of videos from MMJ’s big night in Hollywood

Touch Me I’m Going to Scream Part 2

- Touch Me I'm Going to Scream 2 @ Pantages Theatre - 6/22/11

You Wanna Freak Out

My Morning Jacket - You Wanna Freak Out @ Pantages Theatre - 6/22/11

Holdin’ On To Black Metal (Featuring The Watson Twins choir)

My Morning Jacket - Holdin' On To Black Metal @ Pantages Theatre - 6/22/11

Run Thru Jam

My Morning Jacket - Run Thru @ Pantages Theatre

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