Video: Umphrey’s McGee’s First Interactive Improv Event

A while back we posted about a cool improvisational experiment that Umphrey’s Mcgee was rolling out as a part of their Fall Tour, called the Stew Art Series aka S².

Well, the band recently held their first S² event in Milwaukee, and they just posted a video montage of the festivities:

Umphrey’s McGee – S2 Event – 10/3/2009 [YouTube]

This is great. I’ve been imagining some cool ways that bands could combine real-time status updates (like Twitter) with the actual live show in the venue, and this pretty much nails the combination of the two on the head (though it’s via text updates, not twitter).

For a band that jams and is so focused on improvisation, this is such a cool way to take the improv to the next level and connect with fans. Good stuff guys.

By the way, I love the “cantina band” jam (around min. 2:05). Was that the song from the original Star Wars bar scene?