Per the now-standard band promo video, we’ve seen bands play in all sorts of random places…from the insides of cabs, in boiler rooms, on odd-colored couches, on the tops of buildings, and so on and so forth. But I’ve personally never seen a band play at the edge of the Grand Canyon.

Enter LMB fave The Barr Brothers:

The Barr Brothers - Beggar In the Canyon

The band’s description offers a bit more explanation as to how this one came together:

When we left Montreal to tour the States last fall, we had one goal above all else: film a song at the Grand Canyon. Two weeks later we arrived at the canyon and set up our instruments on one of the ridges. A small audience gathered around and perched themselves on various rocks and spots close to the edge. We passed out iPods that had been given to us by the Manhattan Apple store and declared open season. Our friend Samara Chadwick edited this together using the footage shot by our new friends from the canyons edge. Thanks to the crow for making an appearance (can you spot him?). Enjoy!

The Barr Brothers are on tour in North America and Europe this spring and are not to be missed.