Video: Stanton Moore Drum Solo from Jazz Fest

I’ve been a bit busy and radio silent over the past few days as I continue to get settled in my new place and new day job. But life is super good here at LIVE MUSIC HQ; I’m now a proud resident of the famed Lower Haight neighborhood and my roommates are some serious live music junkies. As I was moving in, half the crew was in New Orleans for the second week of Jazz Fest spending time not sleeping and punishing their livers to no end. They caught Skerik like 50 times and managed to be standing front row when Stanton Moore decided to bust out a drum solo using as many of Galactic’s instruments he could incorporate at the same time:

BEST EVER Stanton Moore Drum Solo Jazz Fest 2010 [YouTube]

Expect plenty more from me and the crew in the near future, including some rehashing of live music events past. We’ll all be heading to High Sierra this year and hope to have some serious party sessions documented for all of your amusement, but we have so many photos from last year that never made its way into the public domain.