VIDEO: Snoop Dogg Improvises with Stewart Copeland

Founding member of The Police and Oysterhead, Stewart Copeland via his official Youtube account just dropped one of the more intriguing music videos today. Snoop Dogg, now going by the name Snoop Lion guests with the drummer extraordinaire, and bassist, Armand Sabal Lecco on this five minute jam session. Check out the video from this unlikely trio after the jump.

Snoop Dogg (Lion), Stewart Copeland & Armand Sabal Lecco at the Sacred Grove

The collaboration between the musicians most likely came about because Copeland is working with Snoop on his album tie-in with his documentary, “Reincarnated.” You can view the trailer for that project at the end of this piece.

Here’s the story straight from

Snoop dropped by late one night. After smacking every instrument in the room he got on the mic and started coming up with all this cool stuff. This is all total improv.
Look out for REINCARNATED the Film and Album which I had the pleasure to work on with Snoop Lion!

(Hat Tip from @HeyScottyB & Hidden Track)