VIDEO: Skrillex rocks the rain at Spring Awakening

This past weekend was the Spring Awakening Music Festival at Soldier Field, arguably the “first” major EDM festival to come to Chicago after the whole industry has started to take more notice in the marketability of such events. Skrillex headlined the main stage on Saturday night to plenty of critical applause:

Skrillex’s performance inside Soldier Field was hit by a sudden rainstorm halfway through; the audience responded with enthusiastic screams, as the rain made beams of light into shimmering sparks. It was a performance where waving a glowing keychain in front of your girlfriend’s sunglasses took on unexpectedly tender connotations. [Chicago Tribune]

I’m definitely curious how his sets have been evolving as the year has gone on. With headlining sets on so many festivals this year, he’s got a lot of eyes on him and seems to be delivering just fine under the pressure.

I saw Skrillex before he was Skrillex. I promise I’m not being pretentious, it’s just the truth. Skrillex--aka Sonny Moore--was the lead singer in Florida-based rock/emo/screamo band From First to Last before he developed nodes on his vocal chords and was given the boot. Then for awhile he tried performing half-electric, half-acapella tracks under his surname and got booed off stage a lot. Bottom Lounge, 2009, anyone? Then he blew up and now runs the world, one bass drop at a time. And to that I say: good for him. [Gapers Block]

During the storm he busted out a remix of Birdy Nam Nam and later he even tweeted this one from his own account, so he must be psyched on it…

Skrillex Performing Birdy Nam Nam Remix "Goin In" SAMF 6/16/12

Skrillex Performing Birdy Nam Nam Remix “Goin In” SAMF 6/16/12 [YouTube]