VIDEO: Pretty Lights – Lollapalooza Recap & Tour Bus Studio

The official team at Pretty Lights does a fantastic job on their online promo, which I’d like to think is easily one of the reasons why you’ve already heard of Pretty Lights way ahead of when you saw him booked on those first festival lineups a few years back. This dude came out of the gates charging far ahead in the live music scene, and it’s no secret a lot of that is due to him pushing out his own music for free, on his own terms, his own schedule, etc.

The two latest videos from the team behind the DJ savant are his recap of the two nights he did in Chicago around Lollapalooza, a main set during the festival and an after-party at Congress Theater with Skrillex. Then we get another clip from Derek Vincent Smith which is a few minutes of him showing us around his new tour bus analog/digital studio MTV Cribs style…

PrettyLights How We Do REMIX Lollapalooza Recap 2011 HD