I had a chance to listen to a few tracks from Phish’s first night at the Gorge. While the “Roggae” was definitely interesting (per Justin’s take), I think the clear standout of the night was the band’s nearly 20-minute cover of the Velvet Underground’s “Rock and Roll,” which featured a large amount of improv and took a number of different themes, twists and directions. Towards the end, the band steered in a decidedly darker direction with Page McConnell on theremin and some downright evil-sounding bass lines by Mike Gordon. Check it out in two parts below…

Part I:

Phish does Velvet Underground "Rock And Roll" Pt 1 @ The Gorge WA 8-5-11

Part II:

Phish does Velvet Underground "Rock And Roll" Pt 2 @ The Gorge WA 8-5-11

Seriously, that’s some depths-of-hell jamming right there, isn’t it? Good stuff.

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