Video: Phish Release Official Version of The Cuyahoga Backwards Jam

Well, it’s another day and yet another post on Phish’s summer tour currently rolling its way to the East Coast. The band played last night in Portsmouth, VA and brought out an interesting set of material, a few debuts, and yet another head-scratcher in the eyes of the community as the band has been nothing close to predictable this year thus far. Me likely unpredictable. More please.

It’s time I start posting some other things to offset all of this Phish coverage (sorry for the blog readers that aren’t into the band), so we’ll close out some coverage (until tomorrow) with the band’s release of the “Backwards Down the Number Line” epic that I posted about yesterday. Funny that I was just saying that I’m pretty sure this has been the strongest moment of the tour so far; looks like the band agrees…

Phish – 6/12/10 “Backwards Down The Number Line” from Phish on Vimeo.