Video: Phish – “Ball Square Jam” Secret Late-Night @ Super Ball IX

Me and @PeteLikesMusic were just chatting about how we’ve hardly had any chance to actually digest the past weekend of live music that went down at Super Ball IX. He’s downloaded all 13 hours of it but I haven’t really touched any part of it yet besides reading through the setlists (briefly) then getting a few pings from @Phortin about the action as it was happening. We were both off at High Sierra and got some solid relaxation in, took some photos, played some music, slept a bunch — all in all, a really great vacation for me and I’m slowly working my way back into the grind.

And throwing on this 17 minute highlight reel of the Phish “secret set” held at Ball Square during the festival’s second night helps me stay distracted during my work day just enough to get very little done and stay focused on surrendering to the flow when the band returns to the Gorge in early August. Can’t wait.

Phish | Super Ball IX | July 2, 2011 | Phish Ball Square Jam

More to come from us as we get plugged back in…