The fine folks at Big A** Lens (awesome name btw) recently sent over some great footage of Pavement from New York City on Sunday night. , the cult-indie band from the 90’s, who made their mark with and Crooked Rain, Crooked Rain announced in 2009 that they’d be playing some reunion gigs. Many thought these would be the only shows, but shortly after a bona-fide tour was announced and sold quickly. So quickly, that one could even say is more popular now than in 1994.

With this reunion tour now winding down, the last stop being ’ famed Bowl on Thursday, September 30th, what is planning to do next? Well, not much but I’ll be there and hope to catch a glimpse. No future plans have been announced, and no new album on the horizon. Will just ride off into the sunset after a successful return? that they know they can…probably.

Holy reunion show! The BAL crew has a very special presentation for you guys today – some seriously hot footage of from their first reunion gig in Willy-B. Plowing through a mass of material for nearly 2 hours, Malkmus and Co. had a blast tearing through the classics and basically reducing every twenty to thirty-something ite to mush. And naturally, we got the goods

The band also just stopped by The to play “Gold Sounz” on the show (video removed sadly).

Finally, the band just played their “first” reunion gig last night at in and Spinner was there to get the story…

But the significance of Tuesday night’s show wasn’t lost on frontman , who noted early on, “These are the real first shows. The others were just warm-ups.”