I got an email from reader Stephen alerting me to a full cache of Ozomatli videos from one of their SXSW 2007 performances.

Ozomatli – Can’t Stop [Grouper]

I missed this performance at SXSW even though it was on my radar. Too bad I can’t remember what I saw instead. At any rate, I’ve never been a huge fan of their tunes — slightly too worldly for me, I think — but I’m keenly aware of their strong live presence and the energy these guys put out. So is Jim…

I did the whole Ozomatli/Public Enemy show during the day which was pretty fun. Ozomatli always put on a fun energetic show, this being my 3rd in the past year. At one point they even were trying to get Leon Mobeley (Innocent Criminals) to join them on stage, and I am kind of pissed that it never happened.

Any Ozomatli fans in the room?