BIG ASS LENS has video up from the show on Saturday night at Governor’s Island.

BAL is proud to present this very special footage, starting with this epic five song medley, continuously filmed, with the following songs: “Ponytail”, “Last Night At The Jetty” (3:16), “Benfica” (8:21), “Comfy in Nautica” (12:14), and “Slow Motion” (14:36). A very special thanks to the great community/forum at Collected Animals, who came through big time for us after we ran into some technical difficulties at the show. AC/Panda fans are among the most loyal and active out there, and they deserve props for making this production possible.

Make sure you check out Whitperson’s review from the show here.

Here’s a few more clips I found; this is the entire encore…

This clip would be perfect for Endless , a view of the city skyline with “I Think I Can” playing in the background…

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