Sometimes two musical worlds collide and make so much sense that you wonder why it hadn’t happened before that moment when you see it happening… right?! That’s kind of my mindset when I think about from and how she recorded a track for ’s latest album called “This is How It Goes.” You’ve heard it here before, and we saw that Marco was going to try and make this “duet” happen at , and sure enough, Marco’s Sunday night set at the Vaudeville Tent was a short time after the set so the two got together and sang for the Sunday night scragglers.

was a sell out this year, but the odd holiday timing a lot of folks packed up and went on Sunday morning (like yours truly). Thankfully, the people that sticked it out were rewarded plenty of good , no major crowds for the bands they wanted to see, and perfect sight lines to the stage to capture the magic. My roommmate Morgan got this awesome video…

's Vaudeville Stage Set | This Is How it Goes feat.

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