It’s a Summer Friday, and I feel like everyone I know is either off from work or away for the weekend. So, in order to pass the time whilst The Boredom takes hold, here’s a great 12-minute video from Spring Hookahville 2004 at Frontier Ranch in Ohio.

Much to everyone’s surprise, Keller Williams came out halfway into ekoostik hookah‘s “Through Hiker” for a little vocal horn and some scatting as the band segued into Freaker By the Speaker. Whether you’ve seen hookah or Keller in the past or not, whether you love these acts or not, this is an incredible 12 minutes of footage that includes a stellar performance by the entire hookah band, especially geetarist Steve Sweney and keyboardist Dave Katz. And hell, K-Dub is just a super-cool dude, ain’t he?

So click here for this a must-watch performance…Many thanks to Yurple Bliss, as well as Todd and Hilary Justus, for the fantastic video. I’ll be watching that again this weekend some time.

And as a reminder, Fall Hookahville at Frontier Ranch is only three weeks away! Check out the lineup (the legendary Dr. John added to the bill today) and head on out to Ohio for a few days of greatness…