VIDEO: Fan-Made Film of Radiohead’s 2011 Roseland Concert Surfaces

Radiohead’s September 29, 2011 show from Roseland Ballroom in New York City has surfaced in video form. The concert film is entirely fan-made but professionally done using the audio from official soundboards Ateaseweb were graciously given by the band. The video is dedicated to Scott Johnson, the touring crew member who was killed during a stage collapse in Toronto this year. Watch on Youtube or download the video and learn how you can donate to a few causes in honor of the hard work that went into the production.

RADIOHEAD Roseland Ballroom NYC 2011-09-29 Full show multi-cam 720p SBD audio

Setlist / Song Times

Roseland Ballroom
New York City NY US
September 29, 2011

0:00:58 Bloom 0:07:23 Little By Little 0:12:07 Staircase 0:17:02 The National Anthem 0:22:03 Feral 0:26:20 Subterranean Homesick Alien 0:31:24 Like Spinning Plates 0:34:50 All I Need 0:39:06 True Love Waits/ Everything In Its Right Place 0:44:49 15 Step 0:49:04 Weird Fishes/ Arpeggi 0:55:08 Lotus Flower 1:00:55 Codex 1:06:43 The Daily Mail 1:10:33 Good Morning Mr. Magpie 1:16:22 Reckoner 1:24:00 Give Up The Ghost 1:29:19 Myxomatosis 1:33:24 Bodysnatchers 1:41:28 Supercollider 1:47:17 Nude

Video Download Links: (2xdvd) (mp4 HD)

The collaborators have also asked anyone who views or downloads the video for donations to either the Haiti Earthquake Fund, Doctors Without Borders, or Hurricane Sandy Relief.