Trevor Garrod Plays Live from the Garden Shed

The other night I was sitting on my laptop when I got a friendly IM from one of our LMB idols, Andy Gadiel. He asked if I was around, and when I responded with a yes, he told me that I should stick around for a bit and that he was going to be webcasting a bit. For some reason my first thought was that I was about to tune in to watch the reformation of Phish live on the internet, and sadly and fully expectantly, that hope was immediately squashed. If anyone I sorta know could make it happen, it would be one him, one of the early pioneers of the Phish online community.

Very soon after, I got a link to a Ustream.TV link that brought me to a webcam shot of Gadiel clearly adjusting and fixing the picture on his webcam. It was a dark and dingy sort of setting, and I could make out a piano in the background. Then, Trevor Garrod from Tea Leaf Green comes into the frame and quickly grabs a seat at the piano. He started playing pretty quick, and I knew I was in for a nice, intimate performance after one or two songs in. There were only about three or four others that were online at the time, and others soon began to join once the link made it around to some of the other TLG fans. All in all, about 20 of us sat and watched Garrod jam on the piano and sing songs for about an hour. It was incredible, really.

And thankfully, my takeaway highlight from the set, a bubbling and bouncy version of “Moonshine,” was one that got captured by Gadiel and approved by Garrod himself for posting here on the interwebs.

Trevor Garrod – Live From the Garden Shed [Ustream.TV]

Watching the webcast made me realize that I’ve been out of touch with Tea Leaf Green’s music lately. For fans of the band, anyone want to share any highlights lately? What new stuff has the band written that I haven’t heard yet? What shows on the Archive are worth downloading?