Toro y Moi Drops New Official Video “50-50″ (ft. Instupendo)

Earlier this week Toro y Moi (aka singer-songwriter Chaz Bear) released his official music video for “50-50”, a soulful trap song of spaced out lyrics and auto-tuned vocals in collaboration with up-and-coming ambient producer Instupendo.

The video takes a minimal approach of just featuring a few elements: a skull mask, striped red-and-white parachute, and Bear himself wandering alone through an open desert in washed out daylight and later in night time under the rain, accompanied by dark purple hues. The entire video takes on an extraterrestrial feeling as we watch him experience an arc of emotions in solitude: first coming across a silver mask, then wearing and running with the mask on, and finally burying it in the sand with frustration.

Check it.

Elina is a multi-disciplined photographer and product designer in San Francisco. She is passionate about capturing authentic and emotional moments through photography as a way to inspire, empower, and connect humanity. She is also a certified yoga teacher and holds a degree in mechanical engineering from UC Berkeley. You can find her on Instagram @elina_lin or visit her website