While flipping through channels last night between watching some Lost: Season One on , we landed on the Oscars at just the right time…

Five thoughts on the Oscar-winning, “It’s Hard Out Here for a Pimp.”

1. I had no idea this was actually a song, and I had never heard this, nor heard of , nor seen Hustle & Flow. Therefore, the introduction to this, the buildup with , and finally hearing the song was nearly too much for my better half and I to handle. We were flipping the channels and we ended on this and just started cracking up. Immediately.

2. The end of the song, with the “it’s so hard…being a PIMMMMMMMMMMMMMMP!” got even more laughter.

3. Best. Acceptance speech. Ever. The adrenaline pumping through these guys is just juicing out of their mouth into a completely nonsensical laugh-fest with them thanking everybody, the Academy, and their moms.’

4. I totally had that, “why do pimps have it so hard that we need to see their interpretive dancing?” joke right before ends his bit on that. His “easier” for a pimp quip was pretty good, and overall, you can tell that Jon got a huge kick out of that performance also.

5. I’m lucky that this is the longest segment I caught, because the rest of the show segments I saw were completely terrible. It sucks that we actually look forward to this as quality entertainment. I guess it’s all worth it considering I got a blog post and some good laughs out of the deal.