The Slip Played Conan Last Night [video]

They played “Children of December” from their latest studio effort, Eisenhower

…and let’s be honest — this version is pretty rough around the edges and pales in comparison to the studio version. Either (vocals/guitar) was extremely nervous for their TV debut or his vocal cords are shot from overuse. I don’t think this video is a good representation of what these guys can do in the setting.

That said, Eisenhower is a great album, and I’m excited to check these guys out when they swing back through Chi-town (at the Double Door on 3/16). Despite what said about their Paradise show in , they’re actually starting their tour tomorrow at Castaways in Ithaca, NY (my old college stomping ground!), and then swinging up around most of the Northeast, South, and Midwest.

Check them out at a rock club near you and bring Brad some hot tea or something.

Written by Marc Whitman

WHITperson -- aka Marc Whitman or simply "Whit" -- is a long-time LMB contributor known for his in-depth posting style and his knack for crafting interesting podcasts. Whit currently resides in Brooklyn, where he's building up his web development chops and hoping to put his technical skills towards something interesting in the music world. Follow his updates over at

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  1. hey, my old college stomping ground is Ithaca, too. did you go to IC or Cornell? I first got into The Slip when I was up there and they played at The Haunt

  2. Good stuff. I went to Cornell.

    Ithaca’s still one of my favorite spots and the Haunt was always a prime music venue for up-and-coming bands. Funny how so many of the bands I saw there have long since outgrown that tiny-ass place and are doing quite well: moe, soulive, STS9, the New Deal.

    I didn’t catch the Slip until I lived in Boston, but it was long ago enough that they were still playing jazz jams at Harper’s Ferry and the Lizard Lounge!?

    Am I dating myself? Ha. Thanks for the I-town shout-out.


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