The Disco Biscuits – World is Spinning [video]

This video just popped in the old inbox, and to my surprise, it’s pretty solid. The Disco Biscuits really tore things up down in Florida this past weekend, so I figured why the hell not….

This band has had a knack for attempting videos and other productions that frequently flop (NYE 2003, comes to mind). Or maybe I’m just an overly critical fan? I’m not sure exactly what they’re trying to accomplish when they produce something like this (especially since they debuted this song back in, what, the Spring of 2003?). But for what it’s worth, it’s not bad….though, I do think that Jon Gutwillig should just stick to playing guitar rather than hardcore style lyric montages. Thoughts?

This version of “World is Spinning” is from their 2006 double-disc live release, The Wind at Four to Fly, culled from their 2004 NYE run with the original line-up. The video was directed by the band’s bassist, Marc Brownstein, and Chris Lonegran of Cadence Video…That’s the same Cadence Video that produced this compilation of some of the band’s 2005-2006 performances, which, if anything, offers a much better glimpse of what the Biscuits do in the live setting: