These videos have been around the Internet for several years and the view counts for each respective clip indicate that many of you folks out there have already seen these. Regardless, it never hurts to put something this quality back on your radar. This full show footage finds the band hitting their stride around the time of Remain In Light with the expanded and rather talented roster (in all its art-funk worldbeat glory) you can see at the bottom. Moreover, there’s a reason Nine Inch Nails fans should be thrilled to death about new touring member Adrian Belew and these videos below paint a pretty good picture of just how special and unique the out-of-the-stratosphere King Crimson guitarist is (see “Stay Hungry”, “Crosseyed and Painless” and “The Great Curve” for reference). Throw P-Funk’s Bernie Worrell in the mix and this show stacks up musically with Stop Making Sense, albeit lacking in the Big Suit department. Consider this the visual b-side prequel to Demme’s legendary concert film.

Bask in the nervous energy, bombastic playing and pulsating afro beats. Check out the grainy goodness below.


Psycho Killer
Stay Hungry
I Zimbra
Take Me To The River
Crosseyed And Painless
Life During Wartime
Houses In Motion
Born Under Punches
The Great Curve


David Byrne
Tina Weymouth
Chris Frantz
Jerry Harrison
Steve Scales
Burnie Worrell
Dolette MacDonald
Buster Jones
Adrian Belew