I got an email the other day a great link that was just dying to be shared.

Punkcast.com is a site dedicated to putting out video of many, many, many punk bands. They’ve been doing this for years. There’s a huge list of archived videos a wide range of artists, so hopefully there’s something on the list that will interest you. I’m not a huge fan of full-on raging punk anymore (as I was way back in high school), but I still found some great stuff worth checking out.

I downloaded the Dub Trio video, “Real Wicked Ways.” Awesome. I’ve liked the sound of this band for a while, and I’m just waiting for them to get in their van to drive to . Along with Dub Trio, you can some Pedro the Lion, Brazilian Girls, TV on the Radio, Joe Strummer (circa 2002), Fishbone, and even some from The Queers.

That’s really just a scratch on the surface–if you’re a punk rock fan, check it.

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