I got an email the other day with a great link that was just dying to be shared.

Punkcast.com is a site dedicated to putting out video podcasts of many, many, many punk bands. They’ve been doing this for years. There’s a huge list of archived videos with a wide range of artists, so hopefully there’s something on the list that will interest you. I’m not a huge fan of full-on raging punk music anymore (as I was way back in high school), but I still found some great stuff worth checking out.

I downloaded the Dub Trio video, “Real Wicked Ways.” Awesome. I’ve liked the sound of this band for a while, and I’m just waiting for them to get in their van to drive to Chicago. Along with Dub Trio, you can grab some Pedro the Lion, Brazilian Girls, TV on the Radio, Joe Strummer (circa 2002), Fishbone, and even some from The Queers.

That’s really just a scratch on the surface–if you’re a punk rock fan, check it.