Preview: Marco Benevento Trio at Y92 Tribeca

Benevento/Russo Duo @ Martyrs, Chicago 09/07/08

Although Justin may have been lucky enough to put Marco Benevento atop his list of “artists he’s seen most in 2009,” I’ve not yet been able to check out the guy’s latest project in action. That changes this Friday when I plan to catch the Marco Benevento Trio w/ Nathan Moore @ 92Y in Tribeca.

I’ve seriously been digging Marco’s latest studio effort, Me Not Me, which includes a mix of original songs and choice covers running the gamut of styles and textures (Deerhoof, Leonard Cohen, My Morning Jacket and The Knife are a few of the original artists whose songs he covers). My previous encounters with Benevento – usually involving Duo drummer Joe Russo – have typically included a louder kind of indie jazz-rock that I usually liked to call “punk jazz.” I’ve always been a fan of the Duo’s washed-out keyboard tones and instrumental songwriting chops, especially when it comes to the tunes from Play Pause Stop.

But if Me Not Me gives any inkling as to the Trio’s live show, it seems like I should be in for a sound that’s a bit less raucous and that’s much more focused on Marco’s acoustic piano-playing and his newer compositions. That all sounds quite good to me, though I definitely don’t want — or expect — to see him throw out ALL of the fun toys and effects pedals. Whatever they bring to 92Y, I’m sure it’ll keep my ears interested. That said, if they don’t play their cover of MMJ’s “Golden” or Zeppelin’s “Friends,” I may need to talk some serious s***…see videos below for why (so good).

Benevento Trio – Golden [YouTube]

Marco Benevento Trio – 5.13.09 – Philly – Led Zeppelin’s “Friends” and “Greenpont” [YouTube]

If all goes according to plan, I’ll share some thoughts and photos from the show later this weekend.