After Ghostland Observatory and Mimosa laid it down on Friday night, it was ’s turn for a ragin’ show at the following night. There’s no better way to spend a Saturday in than at in Morrison. This beautiful venue continues to showcase what is unanimously considered the finest in that has to offer. Tribe was joined by opener and they sold out on Saturday, the 9,450 person venue, and then again on Sunday at the for the set and viewing of the documentary #ReGeneration.

I got some sick shots from the Red Rocks show. Check ’em out below the video and

HD video of EHM from the show. (be sure to switch to 1080p)

STS9 @ 6/16/12

Set 1: Vapors, Simulator > Moonsocket, Really Wut, ABCees, Shock D* > Hidden Hand Hidden Fist > When The Dust Settles**> Arigato***> New Song > ^, 20-12
Set 2: T.W.E.L.V.E > Inspire Strikes Back> Peaceblaster 08 > Evasive, Looking Back on > EHM > Hip Hop Remix^^ > The Unquestionable Supremacy of Nature, March > Scheme > Rent^^^
Encore: New Song

* First segment only
** End segment (part vocal sample)
*** First segment only
^ End segment only
^^ dancing & asking the crowd “you like gettin it dirty?”
^^^ Moonsocket teases