I hope Phish keeps playing the way they do so that we have to keep coming up with ridiculous names for their jams to talk about to other Phish fans in our weird secret language.

Watch the video every one of your Phish friends will reference if someone tosses out Michael Jackson’s name in conversation … behold, the Camden 2010 2001 Thriller Jam

From Phish.net…

2001 contained a Wanna Be Startin’ Somethin’ quote from Trey, the ensuing Billie Jean Jam contained a Thriller tease from Trey, and the second “verse” of 2001 contained still more Billie Jean teases, all on the first anniversary of Michael Jackson’s death. Billie Jean was a Phish debut

Watch the clip below…

Phish - 2001 - Billie Jean / Thriller Jam - 6/25/2010 Camden NJ - HD

Yes my friends, that is Phish taking their epic 2001 for a walk with Michael Jackson’s Thriller teases thrown in all over that mess. 6.25.00. Wow. I remember distinctly listening to this one from my couch and being like, “uhhhhhhhh are they really going there right now?” as they busted into the teases. And that’s just one of those regular occurrences when you’re listening to Phish or floating back through your archives.