I’ve been seeing a ton of live music this year, and for that, I’m actually thankful. The Year of Our Lord 2005 will forever be linked with patchouli stink and deafening feedback.

Still, I’m really disappointed with myself for being out of town and missing the Mike Gordon and Leo Kottke show at Irving Plaza. In any event, I just downloaded a couple of short amateur videos from Saturday’s show and my original suspicions were easily confirmed: This accomplished duo is both fantastic and fun, but the crowd is just trying to catch Phish lightning in a non-bottle.

So caveat listenor, the audience is singing along and yelling stuff out. Although I will admit, while wrong on all levels, the “Tell Trey what it is” in Ya Mar probably would have made me smile, chuckle and, maybe, just maybe, guffaw.

Here they are: Ya Mar and Twist. Play it Cactus. Play it Leo.

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