It’s no secret that Justin and I have been getting excited about the Beastie Boys’ upcoming all-instrumental album,the Mix Up.

Well, we’ve now got a new track and a video making its way around the Internets:

Beastie Boys “The Rat Cage” [YouTube]

Sendspace link for MP3 via Stereogum

At first, I only heard the mp3, which I found to be pretty cool. It instantly reminded me of Lake Trout or Lake Trout’s groove-oriented side project, Big in Japan. The sound is a bit unpolished — like an in-studio jam the band was testing out for later use, but decided was cool enough as is. For what it’s worth, the best adjective I’ve got for this sound is: “slinky.” Which leads me to the video…

It’s very Beasties, with that old-school 70s spy flick style. And no matter how strange, it definitely adds to the feeling of surveillance and espionage that comes across in the sound. I dig it, but it’s not exactly action-packed.

What do you think?