My Morning Jacket on Black Cab Sessions


Not at all unlike the Take Away Shows that have gotten their share of blogger attention, Black Cab Sessions is a website featuring stripped-down performances by your favorite indie artists in the back of black cabs in London. Their latest episode features the band that seems to be at the top of LMB’s list for the band poised to be unilaterally recognized as the undisputed live music leader right now: My Morning Jacket. Sure, they’re not really a jamband and they’re not really indie rock through and through, but they are absolutely incredible to see live. That’s all we really care about, as you all should now by now.

This session is not to be missed. The guys play “Touch Me I’m Going to Scream (Part II)” in the back of a cab. Incredible. The fact that Jim James and Carl Broemel alone perform one of the more psychedelic and longer songs from their upcoming release, Evil Urges, is one that should alert you right away that these guys are serious as all get out. Plus, the omnichord that’s featured heavily on the album track makes its way into the backseat of the cab with Jim and Carl, and it sounds absolutely fantastic coupled with these guys just playing stripped down. I got chills.

My Morning Jacket – “Touch Me I’m Going to Scream (Part II)” [Black Cab Sessions]

“You can drive us back to the hotel whenever you want…”