More Bonnaroo 2008 Videos

Sigur Ros – Bonnaroo – Gobbledigook [YouTube]

The boys over at Hidden Track put together an unbelievably large list of videos that you can watch from Bonnaroo 2008, a lot of which came straight from the webcast and that kind YouTube user we mentioned here. I’m catching up on the Sigur Rós performance today, mainly because I’m new to these guys overall but I’m always impressed by what I hear. Also, this Stereogum wrapup of their performance is enough to kill any overeager live music fan (in a good way). Their words and photos really made me feel like I’ve missed out on part of this band’s prime, so I’ll be hoping to catch them next time I get the chance.

As for the video above, the stuff at 2:53 or so is what great live music is made of.