Moogfest has added Terry Riley to this year’s lineup, a pioneer in electronic keyboard music and someone innovating way out ahead of folks like Tangerine Dream, Brian Eno and Pink Floyd. Woah, really?

One of the most monumental and influential musical figures of the past century – the composer and performer Terry Riley– will be joining the Moogfest line up this year, presenting a special concert. Although he has chosen to perform mostly acoustic in recent years, Riley will present a rare concert of his legendary electronic keyboard music, including his remarkable “A Rainbow In Curved Air,” the visionary work which shaped and inspired the music of Pink Floyd, the Who, and countless others, including fellow Moogfest icons Hans-Joachim Roedelius, Tangerine Dream, and, of course, Brian Eno.

Riley’s son, the outstanding guitarist, performer and composer Gyan Riley, will also join him in concert.

Thank you, Moogfest, for I am ignorant in the experimental music history and this had slipped past my radar. This seems like a perfect addition to the festival…