Phi8h: Halloween Phish in the Desert from Tim Saccardo on Vimeo.

I’ve had a bit more free time lately (more on that soon) and I’ve been devoting tons of that time to sifting through the media that I’ve collected over the past year but haven’t had a chance to fully digest. Rather embarrassingly, I still haven’t processed my collection from Phish Festival 8 and I’ll likely be posting a bunch of nuggets before the start of the summer tour.

The video shown above was one of the links that I got and I sat on posting it for a while because I wanted to call special attention to this 14 minute masterpiece. This clip perfectly sums up the festival for me. It felt like I was reliving it, and that’s a rare feat to accomplish when you throw together a collection of random media from the festival. I only hope my own collection can tell the same story, but I can guarantee I wouldn’t have the skill to make something this concise.

Big kudos to our friend Tim Saccardo for the link and the great video.