(updated again on 3/27/07)

Although it’s been a few days since I returned from , and I’m still letting all of what happened there truly sink in. Unfortunately, I’m also paying a “little extra” for my good times, as I’m fighting a nasty bug of some sort that I’m sure I caught on the plane-ride home. But my loss is your gain, I s’pose, as I had a little time in between naps and doses of vitamins to do a little media round-up for your viewing and listening pleasure.

Here’s a run-down of downloads, streams,

Soundboards available for purchase via Livedownloads.com:

If you find anything else that’s swirling around out on the Internets, drop a line in the comments or email us at at livemusicblog.com. We’ll try to update this list as new recordings get posted (Thanks to commenter, Matt, for the link to the Slip, and the HiddenTrack fellas for the sendspace links!).

Videos and photos after the jump…

If you missed my daily photo updates and are curious what went down, you can check ’em all out here:

I’ve also collected a bunch of videos of the weekend’s festivities. Definitely varying degrees of sound and visual quality here, but what do you expect, they’re fan-fueled vids. Actually, some aren’t half bad…

– Wordless Chorus:


the jam w/ :

the – Reactor (ending)

the Disco Biscuits – jam (3/10 latenight @ , Ft. Lauderdale)

– “Faced with Love – Garden 3”

– “First Tube”

– “Gotta Jiboo” (3/8 @ , Ft. Lauderdale)

– “Drivin’ Song”

– “Aimlessly”

– Beatbox

– “?”

– “Your Hand in Mine”

(a bit shaky, but solid sound and probably my fav ‘first try’ band of the weekend)

– “Funeral”

– “?”

– Lithium/Sexyback Mashup

(this was fun…loved the “wayward son” clips!)

– “Sing Me Spanish Techno”

(awful sound quality – but I don’t care; it’s a great song!)

– “ Bee”

w/ – “Sweet Home Chicago”

(gotta represent Chi-town blues! Also, this wide shot is hilarious with the big -belly guy standing up in the middle)

– “Bron-Y-Aur Stomp” (Zeppelin cover)

(nice, one of my fav Zeppelin tunes!)

North Mississippi All Stars (sorry, no embeddable link for this one! But it’s a pretty decent video)

And finally…a random video entitled “Langerado Hippie Jam Fest” just for fun:

(this sounds like , but may actually be from Langy 2006)

Whew, that’s a lot of media!

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