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I’ve heard more than a few people say that the music of Khruangbin has that perfect Quentin-Tarantino-soundtrack vibe, and it’s pretty hard to debate that when you first start giving the music a spin. It’s so eclectic in its inspiration, and yet the songs and melodies can feel familiar and it sounds like music you’ve probably heard some other time in some other far away place.

This seems to be channeled particiularly well through the band’s latest release, an official video for “Two Fish and an Elephant”. Check it out below:

Khruangbin - Two Fish And An Elephant

Here are the official production notes:

The story of a final goodbye and one last dance, based on the Khruangbin song, ‘Two Fish and an Elephant’.

Khruangbin’s album The Universe Smiles Upon You is out now.

Order now at:
LNT shop: http://po.st/kbLNT
Bandcamp: http://po.st/kbcamp
iTunes: http://www.itunes.com/nighttimestories

Music: Khruangbin
WRITER and DIRECTOR: Scott Dungate
TWO FISH: Chihiro Kawasaki
SUPPORTED by Somesuch / Wieden+Kennedy / Factory / Trim / The Mill
With donations from KICKSTARTER
Executive Producer: Paul Glancy