Introducing…Videoblahg! Justin Watches the Pitchfork Music Festival Webcast


Sup dudes. Welcome to the first of many videoblogs, or videoblahgs! as my Dad would pronounce it. It’s something I want to do regularly while I’m on the road for the two-week mind-and-soul-orgy that is Justin’s Phish Tour 2009 (Red Rocks > Shoreline > The Gorge). I don’t think I could be more excited for the trip, especially the moments where I first set foot inside the venues that I’ve dreamt about for years. I’ll be seeing lots of friends and lots of tremendously good music, and I figure that a few video posts straight from the source — my big mouth — might show a bit more of the enthusiasm that I’ve gotten back as a result of writing for the site again.

So until the tour begins, I’m going to be testing some technology here and there and warming up our official YouTube channel for Live Music Go ahead and subscribe on YouTube to get notified whenever I post something new, or you can wait until I get around to summarizing what the hell I’m talking about in these little videos right here on the blog. Whatever floats your boat.

For my first one, I fired up the camera while I was watching the Tortoise set from the Pitchfork Music Festival on Friday afternoon. Not much to enjoy “yet” but these will get cooler and more interesting. Expect some Bebot demos here and there, also.

Watching the Pitchfork Music Festival webcast [YouTube]